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Grain Dryer Automation

Simes Systems is proud to introduce our new line of tower dryers and Intela-Dry moisture control systems to satisfy your grain drying needs. We take pride in our products and design them to be of the highest quality and workmanship we can. Our products are designed to increase your bottom line by reducing your operating cost and increasing the quality of your dried grain. We have taken our fit and finish standards to a level our competition has yet to achieve. This gives systems that are highly efficient, durable, and low maintenance, giving you years of dependable service.

A PLC controller is standard equipment on the tower dryers as well as our Intela-Dry moisture control systems, giving you advanced control over your operation. Our tower dryer has features standard that the competition does not even offer as options, and our Intela-Dry control allows you to update your current dryer to a state of the art moisture control system and add features currently only availible on newer grain dryers.

Simes Systems products will give you what you have been looking for, products that are easy to operate, state of the art, competatively priced, and above all built to last.

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