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intela-dry touch screenYou have been waiting for a dryer control that automatically controlled moisture thru the season without constantly having to adjust it. Your wait is now over. The Intela-Dry grain dryer moisture control system is here. The system uses a PLC controller and full function color touch screen to give you advanced control over your existing dryer. The system self adjusts through the season as grain moistures change to maintain a consistent out- put of moisture levels. The system has built in remote accessibility allowing for remote monitoring and control (internet connection required).

intela-dryThe Intela–Dry system, using a PLC control, integrates easily into your existing dryer controls. Out of the box it can be configured to operate SCR drives as well as Inverter controls allowing for a greater flexibility of installation. Remote monitoring and control, by a PC requires only a browser, no specialized software required. It also has the ability to remotely shut down your dryer when wired into the Intela–Dry control.

The Intela-Dry control allows you to update your current grain dryer to an advanced moisture control system. This gives you abilities currently only available to you on a new dryer. Just a few of the many benefits of the system are listed below

  • Self adjusting set points for easier operation
  • Easy to read color touch screen
  • Simplified connections for easy of installation Upgradable software to keep your system up to date Flexibility to add options in the future
  • Data logging so you can access the drying history Logged data can be stored on usb device for easy exporting Ability to remote access and control your dryer
  • Remote access reduces unnecessary trips to check the status of the dryer
  • No special Software, only a browser, to remote connect Save Money by not over or under drying your grain Controls to true moisture content not temperature
  • App available for iphone and ipad for remote access

Simplified automation for the real world

Dowload the intela-dry control brochure Dowload the intela-dry control brochure

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