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SIMES Tower Dryer

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Tower Dryer

Perforated Roof with adjustable grain depth control for greater adjustability. Increases efficiency by preheating the grain before entering the grain columns. The grain then enters a 9” thick grain column giving the overall dryer a low operating static pressure. This gives a very uniform heating of the grain making grain turners not necessary, giving the dryer true unobstructed grain columns.
Tower Dryer

The self cleaning plenum floor design reduces routine cleaning maintenance by recycling the dust, fines, and bees’ wings back into the grain column. This improves the operating safety of the dryer.
Tower Dryer

At the lower portion of the jacketing is a recycling jacket. This positively re- cycles the heat back into the cooling section, reducing fuel costs further. A steeping section is also located here allowing the grain to relax before entering the cooling sections. This recycling jacket also starts the cooling cycle with warm air further reducing stress to the grain.
Tower Dryer

The spoked wheel metering system for accurate positive control of the grain flow. (Patent Pending) Gently and evenly meters the grain from the columns. The simple design makes for a low maintenance and very reliable system.
Tower Dryer

The dryer incorporates industrial controls and PLC control systems into a NEMA IV enclosure to give system reliability and simplified operation. The dryer is controlled by a touch screen which can be located at the dryer or re- mote located for ease of operation. The moisture control, trouble shooting, and data logging are built into the system further simplifying operation.
Tower Dryer

Catwalks and/or service platforms are located in appropriate areas to aid in daily and end of season service that is required. They are of heavy duty construction for safety and longevity.
Tower Dryer

A jacketed area covers the upper heating plenum to virtually eliminate condensation on the outer perforated screens of the dryer. This greatly reduces the daily cleaning requirement of the dryer. It also eliminates the affects of the wind cooling one side of the dryer causing uneven drying.
Tower Dryer

A unique gun style ring burner adds several advantages to the system. By design it reduces the chance of moisture entering the system in the off season, and also adds extra heat to the incoming fuel for a more complete burn. The burner design also allows for a longer mixing time of the fuel and combustion air.
Tower Dryer

State of the art vane axial Fan design, with the layout of the fan designed especially for our dryer. This technology maximizes the air flow and helps to reduce noise levels. The vain axial type fan is the most efficient choice for the static pressure at which the dryer operates.
Tower Dryer

The multi-directional conveyor, with its high discharge point allow it to be easily extended to a wide range of equipment, simplifying installation. (Patent Pending) A sensor auger is used to allow samples to be taken and to send the dry grain status to the PLC.

Simes Tower Dryer Specifications

Models 1525 2140 2160 2175 2790 27125
Corn 20% to 15 1100 1750 2600 3100 4000 5100
Corn 25% to 15% 700 1000 1500 1800 2400 3000
Drying Airflow CFM 62000 97000 136000 168000 220600 278400
Fan HP 25 40 60 75 100


Metering HP 1.5 2 2 2 3 3
Max Burner Capacity
(1,000 BTU/HR)
13,000 17,600 26,000 31,500 41,000 60,500
Average Burner Capacity
(1,000 BTU/HR)
7,500 10,100 15,000 18,000 23,500 35,100
Heat Holding (Bu) 657 1035 1390 1680 2030 2780
Cool Holding (Bu) 283 420 560 560 750 1150
Total Holding (Bu) 940 1455 1950 2090 2600 3750
Diameter At Jacket 15' 21' 21' 21' 27' 27'
Height 52' 54' 65' 73' 71' 95'
Column Thickness 9" 9" 9" 9" 9" 9"
Heating Sections 6 6 8 9 8 12
Cooling Sections 3 3 4 5 5 7

Capacities are based on testing, simulation, and drying principles. Wet Bushels/tonnes where used to calculate performance. Test weight, debris in grain, temperature, and humidity are just a few of the factors that will affect dryer output. Configurations subject to change.

Quality craftsmanship in fit and finish that sets a new standard for tower dryers.

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